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Psychotherapy is a unique experience for each person and an endeavor that can be life-changing. Some people seek therapy for symptom reduction or to address recurring patterns.  Other people may seek to more deeply understand themselves and their relationships.

Within a therapeutic relationship that feels safe and caring, the conversation can begin to illuminate sources of suffering or confusion in ways that ultimately lead to insight and change.  By coming to understand unwanted or limiting beliefs, recurring patterns, and painful emotion, the therapeutic partnership becomes a context for insight and healing.  New choices and experiences emerge.  It becomes possible to live amidst paradox and change with greater balance and authenticity.

Services offered to residents of California or Colorado.

Contact Me

Please inquire about my fee.  My fee ranges between $140 and $175.  I try to make psychotherapy accessible to people with varied socioeconomic circumstances so please inquire about sliding scale.

I am committed to your privacy. Please do not include confidential or private information regarding your health condition in the form below. 

1025 Rosewood Ave., Boulder, CO 80304 


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