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Portrait of young transgender family tog

Gender Support

Society and the mental health field have pathologized gender diversity.  I worked for six years as a therapist at one of the first health clinic in the country (San Francisco) to specialize in gender-affirming medical care.  It is an absolute pleasure to work with a wide range of folks including those who are beginning exploration, years into transition, de-transitioning, or just plain tired of constructed categories. I have also worked with partners of those transitioning and have supported relationships through this process. I bring a gentleness to this work and a deep honoring of your journey.  In the therapeutic space, we can explore what may arise such as:


  • Feeling unsafe or uncomfortable in private and public spaces

  • Coming out to friends, family, coworkers

  • Birthday/Grief/Change rituals

  • Surgery? Hormones? Post-op planning

  • Changes in desire and attraction to others

  • Fluidity, outsider status within LGBTQ community 

  • Sadness, anger, panic, celebration

  • Discovering pleasure or body sensation as you change

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