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Integration Support

I offer support to those seeking better understanding or integration of expansive states.  Whether spontaneous, prompted through meditation, vision quest, or psychedelic substances, expansive states can provide powerful experiences for transformation and healing.  Sometimes people find themselves in very unfamiliar territory after such experiences, unsure of how to integrate ideas and emotions into their daily lives. They may experience sudden shifts in their intimate relationships.  Expansive states and psychedelic experiences can stir powerful emotions or prompt shifts in worldview that can be difficult to work with or carry back into society for reincorporation. Sometimes it may feel difficult to land back in one’s body or to talk with others about your experience in a way that feels helpful.  Individuals who have had difficult experiences during or after expanded states may benefit from integration support. I am committed to providing an open, curious space with grounding or integration tools as needed for those who are navigating their relationship with expansive states or reincorporation after psychedelics.

Despite the potential growth associated with psychedelics and expansive states, there are real risks associated with these experiences.  People can have increased or unfamiliar changes in mood, they may struggle with the surfacing of unconscious material, or have a difficult time with their sense of reality.  It can be extremely important to have a safe space to work through these experiences.

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