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Individual Psychotherapy

What types of people do you see?

I enjoy a diverse caseload of individuals and have a strong background working within the LGBTQIQ community.  My clients range from older adolescents to adults.  I enjoying working with people who live with a sense of paradox and liminality and wish to create a stable foundation.

Many of my clients identify as high achievers who deep down experience loneliness even in relationship, a lack of purpose or belonging.  Much of my work has focused on empowering the marginalized aspects of individuals, the parts that may feel invisible or hard to love.

What issues/challenges do you address? 

While I work with a myriad of issues, I am particularly adept at working with: Gender transition, depression, anxiety, early trauma, sexual trauma, interpersonal conflict, emotional dysregulation, creative blocks, and self-esteem issues. 

How long does therapy last?  

One of the ways that psychotherapy is most unique is that, unlike in other relationships, the experience of giving and receiving is different. The listening within psychotherapy is developed with care so that the focus can remain on you.

​ Psychotherapy is a highly collaborative process that can be either brief therapy or longer depth therapy


Brief therapy  is helpful for people with limited time and/or resources.  It can be more directly problem-solving or skills-based for immediate, acute experiences. 

Depth therapy offers a space for presence and time to go inward that is profound.  The therapeutic relationship becomes a place to reflect on the past and present as we explore what has been outside of your awareness.  By understanding unconscious motivations, it becomes possible to approach life with greater clarity and intentional choice. 

EMDR, Gender-affirming support, and therapy that specifically focuses on creativity and communication can also offer particular focus and approach that aligns with certain needs.



Trauma and EMDR

Sometimes we have intense or disturbing experiences that we are unable to fully process at the time of the occurrence.  Unprocessed events can become stuck in our memory or body, causing unwanted physical sensations, emotions, and beliefs from the past to arise in present day situations.  EMDR therapy is a powerful method for achieving relief and insight.

Gender-affirming Therapy

Society and the mental health field have pathologized gender diversity.  I worked for six years as a therapist at a San Francisco medical clinic that was one of the first community clinics in the country to offer formalized gender-affirming care in the early 2000's.  I have continued to support many gender diverse folks at various points on their path in private practice.



I offer support to those seeking to better understand or integrate expansive states. Whether spontaneous, prompted through meditation, vision quest, or psychedelic substances, expansive states can provide powerful experiences for transformation and healing.

Creativity & Communication

My work is adapted to your needs and to your goals.  I encounter some common themes across the people and populations I work with including the challenges of navigating effective communication and creativity in the midst of politically complex times and rapidly changing technologies.

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Contact Me

Please inquire about my fee.  My fee ranges between $140 and $175.  I try to make psychotherapy accessible to people with varied socioeconomic circumstances so please inquire about sliding scale.

I am committed to your privacy. Please do not include confidential or private information regarding your health condition in the form below. 


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